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Face of Silhouette: Pierpaolo Perretta

Myopic or far-sighted?


Why Silhouette?

For lightness, innovation and style.

Without glasses, I am…

Without glasses, I feel ‘naked’. I wear glasses as part of my outfit, an accessory that is totally integrated into my image of myself.

I prefer to see…

I observe the world like everybody else, and then I try to see what other people often overlook. Sometimes I can also see beyond…

Who or what I don’t want to see…

I never miss the chance of seeing the world. I think that it can always be a great opportunity to enrich you.

Instagram and Facebook accounts I always have in view:

I often keep an eye on art accounts, those ones focused on innovation. Basically, I like the ones that can make me more curious and that can surprise me in some way.

What my glasses mean to me…

I am very lucky to have tailor-made eyewear. I can say that they represent to me a sort of object of veneration that is always with me, like a talisman, a lucky charm or a business card. They totally reflect my personality.

I find myself preferably with…

Anything that makes me feel good, something that highlights my character and personality and makes me unique.

Rimless or fullrim?



You cannot put a price on the comfort rimless eyewear. It is like eyewear without eyewear.

What do you prefer to see in your city?

My town is amazing. I am very lucky to live in Como, which is not only a tourist attraction but also an interesting territory for worldwide business that I am involved in as socio-economic player.

What do you see conditioned by your job?

My artistic research is based on society and its problems. Trying to see beyond appearances, everything that can illuminate something in my mind is inspiring for me and I hope that my works can do the same for the society. They are a mix of ideas and shapes where the art technique is sometimes secondary. The message is the most important thing but thanks to the stencil technique and the use of specific materials, such as Plexiglas, I can create a more compelling and appealing work for my audience’s eyes.

My favourite eyewear trend…

My favourite eyewear trend is a personalised and innovative rimless. Where technology plays a crucial role, I always know it is for me. Lenses with special filters and colours, titanium, that is exactly what I am talking about!

What makes you unique?

Not only my glasses, of course, even though they play an important role. First of all, my unconditioned choices, the way I can express my creative and independent ideas into my art without any conditioning. My sense of freedom and my choices are the key.

My Silhouette is unique because…

Firstly because they are tailor made. Then, because no other eyewear can fit my needs and personality so well.

Your favourite artists or works

Among classic art, Caravaggio for the use of light, Leonardo DaVinci for his genius, Michelangelo for his masterpieces ‘Cappella Sistina’ and ‘Pietà’, and Canova for ‘Amore e Psiche’. I can also mention Manzoni e Duchamp and Fountain for his ideas, ‘Merda d’artista’. Nowadays I think Banksy, Maurizio Cattelan with his ‘Bidibibodibibù’ and Ron English for his technique are also great. I have to put Basquiat on the list for his life devoted to and destroyed by art. But above all, if I have to say just one name, I have no doubt: Vincent! Nothing can move me more than Vincent Van Gogh’s works.

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