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Makeup Tips for Eyeglass Wearers

Full rim or rimless glasses? With these makeup tips for eyeglass wearers, you’ll always look great!

1. Manifestly beautiful

Both dramatic and natural makeup goes well with glasses that have rims. The shape and colour of the frame is crucial. Light colours are recommended with a dark frame. Large frames also work with dark eye makeup.

2. The complexion counts

A fresh complexion is crucial for makeup. Important: less is more! No matter what colour or shape the glasses are, freshen up your skin tone with delicate colours so the makeup does not appear excessive.

3. Near-sighted but mighty

Glasses for near-sighted wearers make the eyes look smaller. Apply light-coloured eye shadow to the entire moveable eyelid to counteract this effect.

4. Be visionary

If you are far-sighted, glasses make your eyes appear larger. Smoky eyes and dark-coloured makeup visually shrink the eyes.

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