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Minimalist Monday

The Japanese bookseller Yoshiyuki Morioka only carries a single book per week, thereby following the minimalist principle of eliminating everything superfluous. All you will find in the ‘Morioka Shoten’ shop in the luxury shopping district of Ginza in Tokyo is a table with several copies of one book. The highlight of each selection is the corresponding exhibition that instantly lets the visitor immerse themselves in the work.

For example when the book ‘Fish-Man’ by Masaru Tatsuki was presented, it was matched by a presentation of fishing nets, angler’s boots and a raincoat in the room. The interested reader’s sense of smell is stimulated as well so one is drawn into the story on all sensory levels – before even reading it. In the best case the author and publisher are present, resulting in direct communication between them, the customer and the work.

The shop concept has the feel of a Japanese tea ceremony* and represents an entirely new approach to revive the art of reading books. We are absolutely thrilled and long for more such inspiring shop ideas soon! By the way, you will find reading glasses for all exciting stories here: www.silhouette.com

*Definition of a Japanese tea ceremony: A gathering that proceeds according to set rules, with one or more guests being served tea and light dishes by a host. To give the guest an opportunity for inner contemplation, the gathering is purposely held in a simply furnished teahouse.


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