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  • Face of Silhouette: Liw Volpini
  • Graphic Designer and Artist Liw Volpini
  • Face of Silhouette: Liw Volpini
  • Deep talk with Liw Volpini
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Face of Silhouette Liw Volpini

Date of birth: 09-11-1983
Birthplace: Zhejiang
Place of Living: Milan
Job: Graphic Designer / Artist
Passion: Design and Art

  • Myopic or Farsighted?

I am neither the one nor the other. I need glasses because I spend too many hours working and projecting with my computer and creating my artworks.

  • Why Silhouette?

My molecules are vibrating in the same frequency of this brand.

  • Without glasses, I am…

… “blind” because they are the extension of my personality. Don’t wear something only because it is trending. I wear what suits me best.

  • I prefer to see…

… through my customized glasses.

  • Who or what I don`t want to see…

We need more action and fewer words so I don’t like to see any energy dissipation.

  • Instagram- and Facebook-Accounts I have always in view:

I often keep an eye on Art’s Events, Design links, Music Concerts, What’s on.

  • My glasses mean to me…

The only lens I can bear up between reality and me.

  • I find myself preferably with…

I often tend to find myself preferably somewhere hot and with someone I really love.

  • Rimless or Fullrim?

No doubts, rimless!

  • Why?

Rimless ‘cause less is (A)more :) (Amore means love in Italian. It’s a play on words in this case).

  • What do you prefer to see in your city?

Milan is a stunning city, I really love it and I adore the melting pot and we should continue to work to accommodate this enriching diversity.

  • What do you see conditioned by your job?

I have conditioned my mind into thinking that my job is going to fill a large part of my life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.

  • My favourite eyewear trend…

… is lightness and innovative solutions to make me beautiful.

  • What makes you unique?

I am unique because nobody in the world has my molecules and experience the world as I do.

  • My Silhouette is unique, because…

They fit my soul in a manner that could not be better.

  • Your favourite artists or works

My favourite artist is Tara Donovan. I draw inspiration from her. She is like a goddess.

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