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Minimalist Monday: Clean Eating

What is clean eating?

It literally refers to pure, healthy foods. Not only does this include hygiene but the naturalness and purity of the food. The ingredients have to be natural. This trend is all about unprocessed and organic foods such as vegetables, lettuce, fruit, fish, meat and whole grain products. Absolute no-gos are foods that…

  • …have been processed and no longer exist in their original form.
  • …contain artificial additives.
  • …were grown with the help of gene technology and the use of pesticides.
  • …were grown with antibiotics and hormones.

What’s more, dishes have to be prepared without artificial additives such as sweeteners, sugar, wheat flour and taste enhancers.

Why clean eating?

You are what you eat: clean eating is not a new diet or miracle cure, but a philosophy for a healthy lifestyle. That is because natural foods are full of important nutrients that are good for our body. And therefore also for our eyes: carrots for instance contain vitamin A that is of special importance for the retina. Lutein found in green vegetables such as zucchini, spinach and kale nourishes the eyes as well. The best thing about that: complicated and elaborate recipes are not required. Simple and good is the clean eating dinner motto. Naturally it is also delicious! Feel good, stay fit and be happy.



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