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Minimalist Monday: Decorating Tips

Less is often more in the Christmas season – especially when decorating your home. Which is why we reveal how you can create a stylish ambiance full of atmosphere without pomp and kitsch this Minimalist Monday.

– Reduce the colour palette. Two or three harmonising hues, preferably from the same colour family, are enough for a festive air. For instance, combine muted white and light grey with gleaming materials such as glass and stainless steel – that appears unobtrusive, classy and tasteful.

– Nobody decorates better than Mother Nature, so let her inspire your adornments. Natural decorative elements such as wood, fir branches or dried fruits subtly bring winter magic home to you. For example, arrange fir cones of various sizes, nuts and cinnamon sticks in a round wooden bowl and add two orange halves spiked with cloves. Not only does this look Christmassy, it smells that way too!

– Bring light into the darkness: establish a cosy atmosphere with nothing more than candles and fairy lights, creating warm accents in your home. More Christmas decorations are not even needed.

– Give your decorations room to unfold their effect. If every window and corner is opulently decorated, your home quickly appears overloaded and the festive effect is lost. Only decorate your home in select, prominent locations that are important to you and your loved ones.

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