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Pioneering Visions

Since its foundation in 1964 Silhouette has been dedicated to the conception, development, and creation of high-quality eyeglasses. Our story begins with Anneliese and Arnold Schmied, two visionaries who made their idea come true: to create superb eyewear of exceptional quality as a matter of course. They understood that a pair of glasses is part of the wearer’s personality. Their passion now finds fresh expression in a new collection of high-end luxury eyewear: the Silhouette Atelier Collection. The appreciation of outstanding design lives on in our family business; we are committed to maintaining its legacy.

The models in the Silhouette Atelier Collection reflect the transformation of glasses into items of jewellery. They unite the most distinctive elements of our tradition with our skill and reputation as one of the world’s leading eyewear manufacturers.

More AT ► www.silhouette.com/atelier

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