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  • New Year’s Eve looks with glasses Photo: Fotolia
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Eyewear Advisory

We are looking both back and ahead, taking stock and forging new plans: the combination of nostalgia and anticipation along with the feeling of a fresh start makes New Year’s Eve exciting for us. Celebrating this occasion in proper form naturally demands suitable styling. We reveal what that looks like:

Count on eye-catchers
For the night of nights, choose glasses with special details that make your eyes sparkle, bringing them into focus. The Starlight and Caresse Pearl models for instance are refined with crystals and pearls that add the perfect touch to your holiday look like jewels. Their various disk shapes also follow the feminine curve of the eyebrows. The Titan Minimal Art – The Icon and Urban Lite models are made for men who prefer a powerful design in a purist form.

Festive hairstyles for men
Men can style their hair to perfection with the sleek look on New Year’s Eve. Parted on the side or fully styled to the back – the gelled style has the ultimate gentleman appeal. Ladies should choose a hairstyle that brings out the face for the New Year’s Eve party. Long hair for example can be artistically gathered into an updo. Those who have shorter hair or prefer a minimalist look comb the hair straight back with some gel.

The ultimate makeup
Party makeup for women should be based mainly on whether you are far or near-sighted. If the former is the case, the corresponding lenses make the eyes look bigger. You should therefore apply eye makeup discreetly but accurately. Matt cream eye shadow is ideal while mascara should be used sparingly.
With near-sightedness on the other hand, the glasses make the eyes appear smaller. Light colours are the best choice here since they visually highlight the eyes. You can emphasise this effect with mascara and cream-coloured kohl on the lower lid.

Dress to impress
You can really dress up for the end of the year. Do however take a look at the invitation first, since it usually tells you the dress code for the event. Following it makes sure you will not be over or under-dressed.

Cocktail: informal but elegant – ladies are dressed to perfection with a cocktail dress or little black dress. A dark suit and tie is recommended for men.
Black tie: women wear long evening dresses for such events while men show up in a tux.
White tie: this is where you go all out. Women choose long dresses with flared skirts or even a train. Men are properly attired in tails with a bow tie.

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