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  • Aroma Stone for a subtle room scent (Photo: manufactum.de)
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Minimalist Monday: Room Scents

Invisible but effective: room scents create a pleasant atmosphere and can even have a positive influence on our mood. This Minimalist Monday, we reveal how this works best and which scents improve your wellbeing

The golden rule for using room scents: the more subtle the better. Even the most pleasant scents are perceived as bothersome if they dominate the room. This makes the dosage far more important than the chosen scent. You can use what is called an aroma stone (photo) for finely balanced fragrances in your home. Not only is it visually inconspicuous, it also releases the scent of your choice slowly (but over a longer period of time) – without any heat or electricity. Simply drizzle some essential oil onto the porous cover. Start with one or two drops, gradually working your way up to the ideal amount for the respective room and its size. Immerse the cover in hot water when you want to switch scents. This neutralises the previous fragrance.

Room scents and their effect

You can create an ideal ambiance at home by choosing your accent fragrance. Spruce needles, mint, rosemary and lemon for example are considered stimulating, while lavender and balm have a calming effect. Eucalyptus, lemon grass, camphor and cedar improve concentration; bitter oranges, hops and lime blossoms help you sleep better.

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