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  • Minimalist Monday: Bodyweight Training
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Bodyweight Training

Weights or equipment are not actually needed for your fitness program! Strength and endurance training is very well possible with your own body weight. We present the perfect workout for minimalists

Our muscles are trained and exercised when we move them against resistance or use weights to make the movement more challenging. So it is only logical that most people reach for barbells at the gym, or train with the leg press or butterfly. Even though that is not really necessary. That is because we have the best training equipment with us all the time – our body. Our own weight easily replaces weights and barbells, and is actually more effective with many fitness exercises. Bodyweight training is the name of this hot sport trend you can also easily do at home. Minimum effort, maximum effect! Familiar examples include classic push-ups and full-body planks where you have to lift your own weight. All of the exercises are easily varied and the degree of difficulty can be changed. This makes bodyweight training holistic and functional. What more do we need?

Easy & effective – here are three bodyweight exercises to get you started:

Leg lift:

Get down on all fours (put your knees and palms on the floor, the torso and head are parallel to the floor). Raise one bent leg back far enough so that the back and thigh form one line. Then pull the leg back again without putting it onto the floor. Repeat the movement 20 to 25 times (= one set) and start over from the beginning with the other leg. You should do a total of three sets per side. For pros: Set down the foot of the supporting leg and lift the knee a few centimetres off the floor.



Lay face down on a training mat and support yourself off the floor on your forearms and the tips of your toes so your entire body is extended, with the torso and legs in one line. Hold this position for 15 seconds and repeat the exercise three times. Escalation: hold for 1 minute or more.


Hip lift:

Lay on your back on the training mat, put your feet on the floor and bend your knees. Now lift the pelvis until your back is fully flexed. The feet, arms, shoulders and head remain firmly on the floor. Hold this position for 30 seconds and repeat the exercise three times. More power? Lift the lower leg and extend the leg (knee to knee), hold for 30 seconds and switch.

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