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  • Silhouette Atelier Collection
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Unique Moments

We draw upon our heritage to create lasting masterpieces of eyewear that are as unique as the wearer. Important moments all over the world are witnessed through Silhouette glasses. They help artists to find just the right perspective. They accompany astronauts into outer space. They guide models down the most celebrated catwalks. Even royalty relies on their distinguished composition.


Silhouette’s story of innovation and vision embarks on a new chapter with the Atelier Collection. This collection has been created for those who appreciate the finer things in life, value exceptional detail, and demand superior quality. Those who know that life’s best moments become even more special when experienced through luxury.


Every frame in the Silhouette Atelier Collection is made to order and can be customised to individual specifications. The result: extraordinary eyewear as unique as the wearer. Choose from a range of hand-set precious stones, different colours of gold, a variety of lens shapes, fittings, and design accents.

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