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  • 2017 Color of the Year: Greenery
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Greenery Trends for 2017

Pantone has hit the bullseye again with the Color of the Year. 2017’s “Greenery” is a fresh and zesty yellow-green that is prevalent in nature. Incorporating the natural, refreshing colour into every aspect of our daily lives promotes vitality – just the sight of greenery creates a feeling of calmness and the desire for rejuvenation. Here are 3 subtle, stylish and satisfying ways you can incorporate greenery into your life.

1. Fashion

Adding a pop of green to your wardrobe is an easy way to jump into spring. Try our Dynamics Colorwave spectales in the colour ruthenium/palm for a fresh take on everyday eyewear.

2. Wellness

Green smoothies have been in the limelight for a while – now there’s no better time to try them. This year, greenery can help you get a head start on a clean lifestyle. Remember, green smoothies or juices don’t have to taste green! In addition to the spinach, kale, cucumber and other vegetables, pop in some fruits like kiwi and apple; add a tiny slice of ginger to give it a kick.

3. Design

There is no doubt that the first idea when adding Pantone’s greenery to your home is…greenery! However, plants are not the only way to reinvent and revitalize your interior. Take a look at the unique, modern NUKA Dining Chair by BRABBU – perfectly neutral, yet simultaneously eye-catching and stylish.

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