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  • Minimalist Monday - Pescado Skis from Line Skis
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Modern Skiing

For today’s Minimalist Monday we are hitting the slopes! Snowy mountains are often the most colourful; bright hues and loud prints covering outfits and equipment everywhere. As we ride up the lift, we make a statement with the classic skis of Line Skis. It’s back to the essentials. Instead of wild patterns, the design is reduced to a clean wood look; timeless, noble and strong. The bottoms are minimalistc; elegant black with subtly patterned lace. Not only is the style flawless, but the Pescado model is also the ultimate power machine. Professional skier and filmmaker, Eric Pollard, developed these directional skis which are aimed at a one-way performance. This means they are designed to go in only one direction: forward. A completely new form was developed for this purpose. The unique side cut, like that of a surfboard, and the back fish tail deliver exceptional stability, responsiveness and flotation for deep snow. It’s finally possible to always surf the snow in style.

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