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  • Minimalist Monday - Decluttering
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Why Less Is More

Would you have guessed that you own 10 000 items? That’s what the statistics say. More interesting than this sum is the number of things you actually use or need. How much do you value? Perhaps only 100 things. In any case, it makes sense to throw some weight away. When you clear out and clean up you not only create order in your home, but in your mind as well. You clear your head and clean your soul at the same time – mindfulness for minimalism. No longer does spring cleaning have to be a burden; just follow our five tips for success:

1. Set Goals

Before you dive into your basement or wardrobe, you should set up a plan. This way, you have a structured method and overview, and will not give up so quickly. Make note of all rooms and cluttered spots (e.g. closets, drawers) that you want to tackle, and set concrete, realistic deadlines.

2. Step-by-Step

Even if you are eager, try not to take on too much in the beginning. Start with a small project (such as a desk) where the first success can be easily achieved. Stay motivated and look forward to the next step on your list!

3. The Right System

Before you begin decluttering, make three boxes ready for sorting. One is for the treasures you want to keep safe. The second is for everything that you have not used in a year that only takes up space. You should try to empty these two boxes as soon as possible, either by throwing objects away or donating them. Lastly, the third box is where you place all the items you need time to think about. Keep this box for one week then apply the system again.

4. Reduce Colours

Keep the walls as light and soft as possible. This makes your home appear more open, cleaner and lighter. A harmonious mixture of muted colors is best with small pops of colour in décor such as vases or pictures.

5. Stay in Control

Embrace the newly decluttered space and resist the temptation to refill it with new belongings. The purpose of decluttering is to free your home, not for motivation to redecorate. You will realize that the new open space is filled by itself – with comfort and liveliness.

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