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Minimalist Monday: Home Office Design

Working from home can be enjoyable and rewarding, but if you don’t have the right office architecture, it could be the exact opposite. Believe it or not, design and style are essential for productivity. How you want to feel physically and mentally are questions you should ask yourself when designing your home office. Here are some important tips to create your clean, minimal office and help your day run smoothly.

Choose the perfect chair

A proper chair could be the most important piece in your office. When sitting for hours at a time, it’s essential to invest in an ergonomic desk chair that will keep your body feeling healthy.

Know the pyschology of colours

Multiple studies have been conducted about the relation between colours and mood. Some colours can make you feel energetic or stressed, while others can generate focus or creativity. You can use this handy tool from Quill to find the perfect colour depending on what you want to accomplish. We recommend clean whites to offer spaciousness and soft blues or greens for calmness and all-around balance.

Keep your tech tidy

There is nothing worse in an office than dozens of tangled wires taking over. To keep yourself and your technology safe, invest in some cable organizers like this one from IKEA. A docking station,  such as this model by Griffin, doesn’t hurt either. There are so many cable organization accessories out there, in every style and size, that you don’t have to tumble to your desk anymore.

Enjoy the sun

Sufficient light is extremely important for eye health and concentration. It’s best choose a space in your home with a lot of natural light. Sunlight is the best kind of light for high energy and happiness! However, if you’re lacking large windows, be sure to set up enough artificial light.

 Add a personal touch

The biggest advantage of working from home is exactly that – you are at home! And there’s no shame in making your office feel that way. Adding personal touches like photos, plants, inspiring images or small ornaments makes the space comfortable. Always keep in mind that less is more – don’t clutter your workspace, but Including little items like this will make you feel happy and in turn, motivated.

Remember these easy tips and your office will stay clean, bright and ready for innovative ideas.

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