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Minimalist Monday: The Secrets to a Capsule Wardrobe

It’s spring cleaning time and the blogosphere is buzzing over building capsule wardrobes. We too want to help you clean up and clear out your closet. But what’s the real secret behind a minimalist wardrobe? Quality of quantity – that is the way to make you look and feel great everyday. It’s one thing to start a basic wardrobe, but it’s another thing to maintain it and keep that quality of quantity mindset. We’re here with the best secrets and tips on how to start and keep your capsule closet.

Find your style

Contrary to what some believe, a minimalist wardrobe does not mean colourless and boring. The goal is to find basic and classic pieces that create the foundation of your wardrobe. One of the critical steps is to pin point what you want – what colours, fabrics and patterns do you normally wear? Anwering these questions will help you find and focus your style.

Let go

Everyone has those items that are left untailored or with missing buttons – well, not any more. They’re out! When doing you’re spring cleaning, always ask yourself: is it comfortable? does it make me feel happy and confident? If not, it’s out of there. We know that parting with your clothes can be emotional. For the pieces that do have sentimental value, keep them in storage, away from your wardrobe to reduce the temptation to wear them.

Conscious shopping

The hardest part of owning a minimalist wardrobe is the strength to maintain it because it requires a complete transformation in the way you shop. Before you dent your paycheck, know exactly what pieces you have and need. This will manage the overarching quality over quantity attitude. Invest in well-made, comfortable clothing that makes you feel great. As hard as it is, avoid the fads and stick to your personal style. Before heading to the checkout, take time to think. Ask yourself: do I have this in my wardrobe already? is it versatile? does it fit well and make me feel good? And don’t forget the most important question: do I love it? Everything in your carefully chosen wardrobe should make you feel amazing.

Keep these top tips in mind when building your minimalist closet, and you’ll surely succeed in loving your outfits everyday and feeling confident.

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