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  • Face of Silhouette: Francesca Pierpaoli
  • Face of Silhouette: Francesca Pierpaoli
  • Face of Silhouette: Francesca Pierpaoli
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Face of Silhouette: Francesca Pierpaoli

Date of birth: 30 January 1984
Place of birth: Cagliari
Place of Residence: Rome, Italy
Profession: Grand opera actress and singer
Passion: Everything that deals with beauty in arts and people

Myopic or Hyperopic?

Myopic and astigmatic.

Why Silhouette?

Because it hugs me so well and let’s me be the real protagonist.

Without glasses, I am…

Alone! The first time I put my glasses on I was eight years old. They have been with me for already two thirds of my life. In the morning my first thought is, “I need to see!”

I prefer to see…

My two sons, above all. I also love coloured things! I am very curious and I’m attracted to colours like a child is.

Who or what I don’t want to see

I would avoid seeing all the bad and unfair things that can happen in life, but I think that it’s also very important to look at them and learn from all the events you experience in your life, even the saddest ones. It’s the only way to be able to face them. Then, you can be even happier when light and colors come into your life.

 Instagram and Facebook accounts I like to follow

My colleagues, the most important theaters, and many others that deal with my job.

My glasses are…

They are something I know I can always rely on. When I play my role as a grand opera actress I often need to wear contact lenses, but when I want to feel light and “at home” – without make up, without going on the stage – my glasses are the perfect friends for my face.

My style is…

I like wearing minimal clothes and basic colors and I also love adding many accessories to my look, especially the big and colorful ones.

Rimless or Fullrim? Why?

Both! When I did not know Silhouette, I thought I needed to wear a strong fullrim to give myself a determined look. With my Silhouettes, I discovered that I am already a strong character who doesn’t need to be hidden by my glasses.

What do you like to see in your city?

I like the contrast that my big city has; from the charm of the ancient ruins of the Italian capital city to the creative chaos made by people who live it everyday. 

What role does your profession play in your life?

The second thing I do in the morning – after putting on my glasses – is check how my voice is. When I work for a theatrical show I usually try to be more routine. I sleep many hours per night and stay on a healthy diet.

My favourite eyewear trend is…

I like big lenses, the mirrored ones above all, and the contrasts of colors. My blue and orange Titan Minimal Art Pulse glasses are proof!

What makes you unique?

I firmly believe that I am a means – an instrument that plays blown notes by a more important artist. That makes me feel light. It makes me live my arts and life with more serenity. I am a hopeless optimistic. We have one life and we need to live it the best we can. A great Pope used to say, “craft your life and make of it a work of art, a masterpiece”.

My Silhouette is unique because…

It winds around my face letting only myself shine.

Your favourite artists or works

I love grand opera. It is part of me, but I have grown up also loving ‘50s and ‘60s musicals, enjoying Audrey Hepburn and Julie Andrews performances, watching Disney movies, and listening to jazz, bossa nova and Italian singer-songwriters. I really appreciate the Israeli singer, Noa, who supports peace and humanitarian initiatives. Her emotional and strong soul, together with her great voice, overwhelm me.

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