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Eyewear Trends 2017

Which runway inspired design will be next? We’ll tell you how to refresh your eyewear style each month to match your modern lifestyle. Stay up-to-date with the latest fashion and eyewear trends for 2017 right here.


Special effects: they enhance the audience’s visual experience on the screen and magically attract the eye in the design field. Especially when they consist of cleverly positioned cut-outs. This trend follows the less is more principle: partial omission for an added effect.

Cut-outs on clothing and more: in fashion the shoulder region for instance is delightfully presented by letting skin peek through between the neckline and sleeves (called the “cold shoulder” by fashion professionals). The décolleté, waist and back are similarly enchanting thanks to wedge-shaped, rectangular or round gaps. No matter how simple, any cut(out) makes the outfit an absolute statement piece.

Brave the gap is the motto, which is also followed by the sunglasses of our Titan Minimal Art – The Icon line. Cut-outs subtly lend the otherwise minimalist models a unique look, enhancing the frameless lenses with unusual contours or interesting laser-cut patterns – for the ultimate perspective.


Images: Vanessa Jackman; Silhouette

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