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  • Clear & clean. Best eyeglass care for a perfect design. (Silhouette: Urban Lite)
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Eyewear Advisory: Cleaning glasses properly

Clear & clean – the best eyeglass care  

Premium materials, an innovative design and quality workmanship – surely high-end glasses need very elaborate care? Not necessarily. The successful principle works here as well: gentle, quick and simple! Cleaning with warm water plus a pH-neutral liquid is sufficient for all optical or sunglasses, hard edge or rimless models. Foam gently, rinse with clear water, then dry and polish with a suitable microfibre cloth. Don’t forget the frame in addition to the lenses.

For pureness-to-go: Apply the cleaning agent to a small section of the microfibre cloth, use that for cleaning and the rest of the cloth for drying.

Additional advice: Regularly clean glasses (every four to six months) with a special ultrasound device – your optician can do that for you.

Extra tips:

  • Never spray cleaning agent directly onto the lenses
  • Stay away from wet cleaning cloths, handkerchiefs and towels, clothing and paper towel
  • Machine wash microfibre cloths regularly (at 40°) without fabric softener
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