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  • face of Silhouette: Irene Pollini
  • Irene with her TMA Pulse Demo Mod. 4531
  • work is easy with her individual glasses
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Face of Silhouette: Irene Pollini Giolai

Date of birth: 13 June 1986
Place of birth:
Place of residence: around Milan, Rome and Bassano del Grappa
Profession: Creative Writer / Head of content
Passion: cooking, skiing and drawing

Italian creative Irene Pollini Giolai has to look very closely and not miss any details in preparing for her creative work. This is because her view of the world leads to highly individual inspirations, which in turn are essential for the roles she plays. Since the 35-year-old’s individuality enables her creativity, her glasses were personalised for her down to the details: “My Silhouette is unique because it is perfect for me!” Irene loves that the design adds something special to her style without appearing overdone.

Changing her look is also part of the Italian’s daily routine. That is why she switches between the Arthur Arbesser sunglasses and her daily eyewear TMA Pulse Demo Mod. 4531 “My glasses are an indispensable element of my style. Without my glasses I feel naked.”

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