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  • Glamorous, classic or trendy – which pairs of glasses fit which fashion style?
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Eyewear Advisory: How eyewear is following fashion trends

Eyewear can refine any outfit – but which model fits which style? Should trendsetters always go for a statement pair? Should minimalists wear classic rimless models? Or is it better to opt for a style contrast that gives your look an edge? Of course, in the end it’s about personality and preference. But with the right frames you can really boost your look and make an impact without compromising your own unique style.

How does your eyewear enhance your look? Here are some tips on current trends:

  1. What do I want to project today? Start by thinking about what effect the pair has – rectangular specs are geek-chic, metal frames are bold and stylish, and bright, transparent rims are fashion-forward – then combine them with the rest of your look.
  2. To cut an elegant, feminine figure, a rosé tint is a great way to go.
  3. If you like to colour-block your outfits with super-saturated hues, you can complement these with matching spectacles (whether it’s the rims, arms or tinted lenses)
  4. Dynamic shapes and styles are a guaranteed winner for modern business looks.
  5. For a classic look with a contemporary twist, try some eye-catching lens shapes, unusual arm designs or tints.

The golden rule: if you’re a fashion trailblazer, choose your eyewear independently of your overall style. If you prefer to tread more carefully, go for a pair that matches your wardrobe choice. Either way, your glasses will accessorise and enhance your look.

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