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  • The top 5 tips for spectacular selfies
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Eyewear Advisory: Selfie tips for specs wearers

5 handy selfie tips for glasses wearers

Selfies have become a staple of the social media age. These photos that we take of ourselves using a digital camera or smartphone are our new calling card. We share them on a host of networking platforms, from Facebook to Instagram. With a few simple tricks anyone can work the right pose and utilise lighting to create a striking self-portrait. But for glasses wearers, getting the perfect photo can be a bit more challenging. Some camera angles are less flattering and light reflecting off the lenses is not a good look.

So what do you have to do if you want to show off your awesome new sunnies and specs? Read on for some top tips on the perfect selfie. But a quick pointer off the bat: be sure to wipe any dust, dirt or fingerprints off your lenses first in order to achieve high-quality results.

  1. Get the light right
    Daylight works best – ideally you want natural, direct lighting. A light source on one side can hit the frames at an angle and create shadows. To avoid glare, tilt your head down slightly and away from the light. Or lower your glasses a little so that the light doesn’t reflect straight onto your lenses. Another way to avoid reflections is not to use the flash and to make sure that the area in front of the lenses is as dark as possible and absorbs light. The easiest solution for reflections is anti-glare lenses (using Silhouette premium coating: 8 perfectly attuned anti-reflective layers)
  2. Find the optimal angle
    The key to the perfect selfie is the angle of the camera. And that’s all the more important if you wear specs. There’s no real blueprint for getting the perfect angle – just try out a few poses and keep experimenting until you’ve got the one that works best for you. That said, a frequent go-to is the classic selfie angle, where the head is turned towards the camera at a 60° or even 75° angle. This accentuates the cheek bones and makes your face look thinner. But the most common selfie is the “left-side selfie”, taken from the left and showing the right half of the face (from slightly below and tilted).
  3. Use make-up
    Cosmetics can really enhance your photo. Not only does make-up give you a confidence boost in front of the camera, but there’s nothing like a bit of eyeliner, eyeshadow or mascara for bringing out the eyes behind the glasses. If your frames are on the thicker side, don’t be afraid to go a bit heavier on the make-up. And it can also work wonders when it comes to offsetting eyes that have been made to look larger or smaller by distorting lenses.
  4. Smile
    No duckfaces! An impactful selfie is all about that beaming smile. It makes you look approachable, confident and attractive – even with glasses.
  5. Fine-tune
    Using photo editing tools, you can tweak and retouch your photos to your heart’s content. For example, you can correct the effect of the minus lenses used by short-sighted wearers that shrink the part of the face behind the frames. You can simply enlarge the distorted area. Smartphone apps and filters also offer quick and handy solutions. But be careful not to use too many effects, especially with frameless specs which tend to fade into the background.
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