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  • Make-up artist Katie Jane Hughes loves colors, eyewear trends and style
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5 questions to Katie Jane Hughes

Date of Birth October 19th, 1983
Birthplace Southport, England
Place of Living NYC
Job Make up artist
Passion eating

Make-up artist Katie Jane Hughes answered 5 questions about trends, colors and her first Silhouette experience.

1. Katie, you are a successful make-up artist, but you are also a Silhouette eyewear lover. What is your professional N°1 make-up advice for people who are wearing glasses?

Break all the rules, do what makes you feel beautiful.

2. Do you prefer Rimless or Fullrim models? Why?

Rimless because you can really see the eyes, and the person, before the specs.

3. What is your favourite eyewear trend?

Tinted lenses are my new fave. I have a pair of pink tinted lenses that look killer with a red lip.

4. On your Instagram Account you often show your colorfulmake-up creations with Selfies – how colorful can glassesbe regarding the make up? 

As colorful as you’d like it to be. As I mentioned before, do what makes you feel like you.

5. What were your emotions and feelings when you first tried a Silhouette?

It was truly an eye opener for me. I was able to see my makeup, and they felt like I didn’t even have eyewear on – yet  added a trendy/stylish element to  my look.

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