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  • Sabine Peeters is wearing: Dynamics Colorwave 5500, color: ruthenium/palm
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Face of Silhouette: Sabine Peeters

Date of birth: 09.May 1982
Place of Residence: Deurne
Profession: Make up artist and author
Passion: make-up, exercising, talking/writing/learning about body image and body awareness

Sabine Peeters, is a make-up artist and body awareness fighter. She likes to focus on unique aspects in life – this is essential for her creative work. She recognizes beauty in all its diversity and tells stories from many countries and cultures, independent of skin colour, sex or age. This was the starting point for her online blogging platform “That’s Sway!“ Sabine Peeters is accompanied during these exciting moments by her Silhouette favourites – each one underlines her unique style. Take a closer look:

  • Sabine, you are an experienced make-up artist, whose heart beats for beauty beyond borders. You are also a Silhouette eyewear lover. What is your N°1 make-up advice for people who are wearing glasses? Be very aware of little details in your make-up, beacause glasses put more emphasis on your eyes. Do you find it too difficult to do your make-up when you wear glasses? Go for a beautiful and colorful lipstick, or a nice glowy skin!
  • What do you prefer to see? The smiling face of my godschild, a calm sea, a perfect make-up.
  • Your glasses mean to you… the world, because they make it visible to me.
  • Rimless or Fullrim? Both, I like to rotate, depending on my look and feel of the day
  • Why? Rimless, fo example, are not always stable enough on my face. So when I’m out, doing more active things, I need a fullrim pair.
  • What do you prefer to see in your city? De Schelde, market on a Saturday. Park Spoor Noord on a summer night.
  • Instagram- and Facebook-Accounts you have always in view: Ashley Graham / Xandres line / Sophie Cachia /…
  • Your favourite eyewear trend… A seventies & eighties vibe kinda trend!
  • How would you describe the moment / the emotion when you first tried on your Silhouette? Personally, it felt lighter on my face. I didn’t feel restricted by the big frame anymore.
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