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  • Anne and Esther Vedder wearing Titan Minimal Art – The Icon 8157, color 6251 & ARTHUR ARBESSER for Silhouette 9909, color 6051
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Faces of Silhouette: Anne & Esther Vedder

Date of birth: February 4, 1989

Place of Residence: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Profession: Jewelry Designers – CEO Jewelry Label Vedder&Vedder

Passion: Jewelry

The Dutch jewelry designers Anne and Esther Vedder focus on the unique which keeps their work creative. They desire to clearly recognize moments of beauty, to experience them fully and then create a piece of jewelry from this experience. That was the foundation of their jewelry label Vedder & Vedder. Their “Silhouettes“ are with them during these moments and all the time and underscore the extravagant style of the Vedder twins in the best way. Take a closer look:

  • What do you prefer to see? Jewelry with a story behind.
  • What your glasses mean to you…They mean everything to us! Without them we are useless – but they also add style to our daily looks!
  • Rimless or Full rim?
    Rimless! Silhouette have the best rimless glasses. They are lightweight and very fashionable!
  • Why? We think it’s very trendy lately and it fits every type of face. Dark full rim glasses don’t fit blonde types very well, so rimless is perfect!
  • What do you prefer to see in your city? Summer days in Amsterdam. They are lovely as everybody is living outside! People are moving dining tables out of the kitchen to the streets to have dinner outside on the streets, we love it!
  • Instagram- and Facebook-Accounts you have always in view: Our personal Instagram @anne.esthervedder and the Social Media Pages from Vedder&Vedder
  • Your favorite eyewear trend…Colored sunglasses! We love our green and pink Silhouette sunglasses!
  • How would you describe the moment / the emotion when you first tried on your Silhouette? It was very unexpected – all of the rimless models fit our face so well! It was very difficult to choose!
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