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  • Keeping the overview – Azzimonti about his work
  • Perfection meets perfectionist – Azzimontis DYNAMICS COLORWAVE 5500 color 9040 lens shape 5410
  • Italian designer and architect Enrico Azzimonti has a clear view on his surroundings
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Face of Silhouette: Enrico Azzimonti

Date of Birth: 10-03-1966

Birthplace: Busto Arsizio

Place of Living: Busto Arsizio

Job: Architect and industrial designer

Passion: Design, the wind and the sea


·      Myopic or Farsighted?
I have astigmatism
·      Why Silhouette?
Because their eyewear is unique and makes me feel unique, with their design and style that go beyond the ephemeral

·      Without glasses, I am…
I feel misplaced and muffled. I pay attention to details and always look for the decimal perfection, thus my glasses are my daily focus

·      I prefer to see…
I usually look at the sky at least once a day… looking for clouds being moved by the wind while they change their shape and color. Sometimes they are with the sun and moon that follow each other at the horizon like in a silent dance
·      My glasses means to me…
Feeling good about myself. I think that eyewear is a dress for our face and the tailor made personal detail for the look of our face
·      I find myself preferably with…
I find myself preferable with a total black look because the absence of color on my body lets me feel all the colors around me and lets link to them with a deep syntonic way. Black let me seize and give importance to everything
·      Rimless or Fullrim?
If I had to choose, I would always chose rimless because rimless glasses are timeless but I am also fascinated by fullrim, especially for sunglasses
·       Why?
Because around the lens, that I consider the lowest common denominator, infinitive variables make the unique and personal eyewear
·      What do you prefer to see in your city?
I live in a town that had a glorious, historical role in textile industry at the beginning of 1900s. I am always pleasantly surprised when I discover architectural and technical details related to the industry of the past, increasingly rare and precious details that tell the story and the work of people who have worked for the growth of the place
·       What do you see conditioned by your job?
Architects, like industrial designers, are aimed at producing objects that “shape” the territory and the daily uses over time, leaving their “signs” which are able to open new visions for the designers to come. As an architect, I have always looked at the great masters of the past and studied the technical innovations and their evolution. Designing new projects with new tecniques often means to set up different scenarios and create new opportunities that then open the way for thinking of and creating objects
·      My favourite eyewear trend…
I like to say “Less is more”, thus rimless is my eyewear trend. When Silhouette started producing rimless titan minimal art glasses I was one of the first who bought them. Many years have passed since then by I still think thy are the only glasses that can combine style, elegance, and innovation technology in a perfect mix
·       What makes you unique?
An alchemical formula tells the rules of my passion for design. It’s a formula made up of basic elements that I can sum up in: a different vision and understanding of people’s needs, innovation (starting from the customer and trends), passion for design and innovation technology,  and many other ingredients that might change according to the business scenario and its market
·       My Silhouette is unique, because…
Because Silhouette designed and developed my glasses not only to hell me with my vision problems but it also paid attention to my look, my working style, to the daily actions I perform wearing them. All of this for making me feel good everyday without being aware of it
·       Your favourite artists or works
I love art in all its expressions. Lately, I am fascinated by the new languages and by the connections that can be created between different disciplines. Just to mention one, the “Video Portraits” by Robert Wilson, which combines technique and poetry in a totally fascinating way; or the Oksana Mas exhibition titled “Spiritual cities”, an example of contamination between east and west, between art and architecture
·      What did you feel the first time you wore a pair of Silhouette?
Fiat lux et lux facta est …


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