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  • Featherweight and perfectly shaped – Federica with model Inspire 5506, shape BD, color 5540 with Silhouette Vision Sensation lens color Mint
  • Federica enjoys the sun with her model Arthur Arbesser 9909, color 6053
  • Federica's warm-up with model Inspire 5506, shape BD, color 5540 with Silhouette Vision Sensation lens color Mint
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Face of Silhouette: Federica Capra

Date of Birth: 05-07-1980

Birthplace: Parma
Place of Living: Parma
Job: Dancer and performer
Passion: Gyrokinesis and Musical


  • Myopic or Farsighted?


  • Why Silhouette?

Because of its lightness, its practicality together with the style and quality, and, above all, because of the possibility of customize the eyewear.

  • Without glasses, I am…

I feel lost!

  • I prefer to see…

Large and open spaces. I can look at the sea for hours.

  • Who or what I don`t want to see…

I can’t stand the dishonesty – above all if it comes with cunning.

  • Instagram- and Facebook-Accounts I have always in view:

I usually check my pages but I don’t spend so much time with social networks.

  • My glasses means to me…

They are a part of me. The first thing I check to wear in my luggage, the first thing I look for in the morning, and the last one I put down in the evening.

  • I find myself preferably with…

I like diversity and changing look so I don’t have particular preferences. I love recreate vintage looks very much, from clothing to shoes, from hairdo to make-up – including the right eyewear, of course.

  • Rimless or Fullrim?

Both, rimless for my daily look and fullrim for the night – if it matches with the right look.

  • Why?

Because I love changing my look. It has to be different according to my mood, according to the seasons and times of my life.

  • What do you prefer to see in your city?

I like people cycling in the center – Parma is full of bikers! It gives me a sense of authenticity and freedom. For those like me who often travel by train, plane or car going around with your bike is a great gift.

  • What do you see conditioned by your job?

My ability of making friends wherever I go and meet new people, together with my sensibility for adapting to different cultures and new places. In the end, I always try not to focus on problems but on the possible solutions.

  • My favourite eyewear trend…

I like cat-shape lens but I must confess that they don’t fit my face at all.

  • What makes you unique?

I think it is the fact that I don’t like being fashionable and follow the trends. My free attitude makes me unique.

  • My Silhouette is unique, because…

I have created it and it is beautiful!

  • Your favourite artists or works

I like old furniture and historic dresses.

  • What did you feel the first time you wore a pair of Silhouette?


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