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  • You see: Dynamics Colorwave. Accent Rings 5500, shape GZ, color 9240 Pure Black
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Dynamics Colorwave. Accent Rings: a beautiful hybrid

Astonishingly, the human eye can distinguish more than 200 different hues. So, it’s hardly surprising that color is central to our experience of the world. It often defines us: the color of our eyes, our hair, what we’re wearing – these are the first things that people notice about us. But the effect of color goes beyond superficial appearances, it has deeply symbolic associations too: think pure white; celestial blue, regal purple, and passionate red. And now, Silhouette celebrates the power of color in all its variety with the Dynamics Colorwave. Accent Rings collection.

Dynamics Colorwave. Accent Rings JC

You see: Dynamics Colorwave. Accent Rings 5500, shape JC, color 7310 Titanium / Salmon

Express your individual style

At first glance you could be forgiven for thinking that you were looking at conventional framed eyewear. But look closer, and you will see that the effect is achieved by wrapping the finest of colored Accent Rings around the lenses. Through a series of different components – lens shapes, glossy or matte finishes and lens colors – you can now create eyewear to match your individual style.

Mix and match

Made of ultralight and high-quality SPX®+ with a matte texture, it beautifully complements the highly polished titanium of the temples. Whether you want a delicate salmon, light teal, or striking black, 2019 sees the spectrum expanding to include delectable new shades like Blackberry, Cherry Red, Spruce Green, Burgundy, Slate Grey and Deep Blue. Add 10 lens shapes to the mix – three for men, four for women and three unisex – and you have more than 100 shape-color combinations to play with. This is personalization to suit every individual in search of the perfect eyewear.

Dynamics Colorwave. Accent Rings GVYou see: Dynamics Colorwave. Accent Rings 5500, shape GV, color 7110 Titanium / Steel Blue

There are even greater creative possibilities in the women’s range of Dynamics Colorwave. Accent Rings, where cutouts are cleverly used to break up the minimalist lines. And when you feel like switching things up, you can ask your optician to change the color rings – or even remove them – giving you a new look for a whole new season or occasion.


Dynamics Colorwave. Accent Rings FY

You see: Dynamics Colorwave. Accent Rings 5500, shape FY, color 7730 in Gold / Black

Discover the whole Dynamics Colorwave. Accent Rings collection online.

Award-winning designs

The innovative Accent Rings technology has not gone unnoticed in the design world. In 2018, the TMA – The Icon. Accent Rings won a prestigious Red Dot Design Award for product design, with the jury describing them as “a clever new interpretation of rimless eyewear”.

“You don’t even notice you’re wearing them”

Anja Van Der Borght, from Holsbeek in Belgium, is co-founder of WOWtrendmag.com and founder of WOWwatchers.com and a big fan of Silhouette eyewear. Anja first fell in love with the brand when her mother got her first pair of reading glasses from Silhouette in 1990 – an oversized golden Art Deco style. When Anja needed reading glasses herself, there was no doubt in her mind about what to choose: “Needless to say, I also went for Silhouette. They are light and comfortable to wear. What’s more, they’re classy and elegant too. You don’t even notice that you have glasses on and yet they give your face just that little extra something.”


Anja is wearing a pair of TMA – The Icon. Accent Rings glasses (5518, shape FU, color 7010 Cool Grey / Salmon).

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