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  • You see: 20 Years TMA, model 8167 in 6600 Glossy Silver Mirror
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Get to know 20 Years TMA: your limited-edition summer shades

To celebrate two decades of timeless, iconic design, Silhouette has brought a breath of summer freshness to the Titan Minimal Art with the Special Edition 20 Years TMA. From bold geometric shapes to cutting-edge technology, this new collection embodies the lightness and adventure of summer. Here’s everything you need to know about the sunglasses collection that’s setting the tone this season.


You see: 20 Years TMA, model 8712 in 6560 Glossy Gold Mirror

Meet the designer

For Silhouette Head of Design Roland Keplinger, creating the perfect design to celebrate the 20 years of TMA was a monumental task. He decided to start by going back to basics, taking inspiration from the very first TMA model, designed by Gerhard Fuchs. The minimalistic, lightweight, rimless design that has made this model such an icon for the past 20 years was about to be boldly reimagined by Keplinger and his team.

Working with an 80-member production team, Keplinger raised the bar to create four iconic designs based on distinctive geometric shapes. All-new silver and gold mirrored lenses add a contemporary twist to the classic model. The designs are so intricate that it takes 300 steps to craft each pair, most of which are performed by hand to ensure the utmost quality.


You see: 20 Years TMA, model 8711 in 6660 Glossy Silver Mirror

Unveiling the new styles

With such an illustrious legacy to live up to, the new design needed to stand out and show that it’s ready for the future. The result? A strikingly futuristic, architectural design, available in four different geometric shapes (round, hexagon, cat-eye or rectangular), with a choice of Glossy Silver or Glossy Gold Mirrored finish lenses. The four styles are an exciting new addition to the TMA family, blurring the lines between gender-specific eyewear.

The new styles showcase distinctive elements of past TMA collections, with their minimalist temples and signature weightlessness taking centre stage. Though the TMA family resemblance is clearly evident, the Special Edition 20 Years TMA collection brings an undeniable flair that sets it apart from the crowd of ordinary sunglasses.
<style=”text-align: left;”>Silhouette_July_Blog_5You see: 20 Years TMA, model 8167 in 6660 Glossy Silver Mirror

High-tech fashion

Fashion-forward style may be integral to the design, but it’s only half the story. For high-performance eyewear like this, functionality is also key. That’s why each model is available with lenses offering UV 400 protection against UV-A, UV-B and UV-C radiation. Now, you can enjoy total sun protection, without compromising on style.


You see: 20 Years TMA, model 8710 in 6560 Glossy Gold Mirror

Available for a limited time only: meet the 20 Years TMA sunglasses range and add your favorite design to your collection.

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