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  • She wears: 20 Years TMA Special Edition, model 1589 in 1040 Spheric Violet. He wears: 20 Years TMA Special Edition, model 2917 in color 1020 Sunray Gold
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Shape-shifting: a bold look to celebrate 20 years of TMA

This season, the design world has its eye on everything that shimmers, but how do you embrace the high-fashion trend and still keep your individual style? To celebrate 20 years of its award-winning Titan Minimal Art collection, Silhouette is launching a limited-edition range of eyewear that allows you to do just that.

20 Years TMA Special Edition_1589_1040
You see: 20 Years TMA Special Edition, model 1589, in color 1040 Spheric Violet

Masters of innovation

As innovators in technology, what could be more appropriate to mark an anniversary than a futuristic look that shows how bold design and fashion-forward finishes can create a striking yet subtle effect. From the catwalk to the high street, this summer has shimmered into the light as we have fallen in love with high-shine materials and metallic fabrics that pave the way for eye-catching holographic designs.

20 Years TMA Special Edition_2916_1100

You see: 20 Years TMA Special Edition, model 2916, in color 1100 Moonlight Silver

Classic design meets high-fashion chic

When it comes to the 20 Years TMA collection, the key focus here is that the beauty of the finish really is in the eye of the beholder. Four new models – two for men and two for women – feature different effects. Holographic yet transparent full-rim frames for women shift and shimmer depending on the point of view, breathing a sense of light and movement that reflects and complements the endless subtle transformations of the face. A cat-eye design with angular glass brings a bolder look for a summer statement, with the option of a more feminine panto shape for a classic style. While men’s models go strong on a sporty masculine shape, the iridescent trend is dialed down with the subdued sparkle of reflections in gold and silver. With a cool minimalist design throughout the collection keeping the dazzle in hand, the 20 Years TMA Special Edition range is as wearable as any classic.

20 Years TMA Special Edition_2917_1020
You see: 20 Years TMA Special Edition, model 2917, in color 1020 Sunray Gold

The ultimate optical experience

Throughout this special anniversary collection, as with every Silhouette model, the emphasis is on quality, craftsmanship and comfort. But innovation and pioneering technology are an integral part of the company’s vision for eyewear and the success of 20 years of TMA has proved that these two can go hand in hand. Developing new materials based on titanium to create lightweight yet lasting eyewear has translated into the ultimate optical experience. And while classic is never old, the futuristic look of the limited edition reminds us that fashion can be exciting and true quality will continue to underpin the most desirable collectibles.

20 Years TMA Special Edition_1588_1000

You see: 20 Years TMA Special Edition, model 1588, in color 1000 Cosmic Yellow

Meet the full 20 Years TMA Special Edition collection

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