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Introducing My Silhouette

The bespoke eyewear project from Silhouette

The finest and most luxurious items in the world are made by hand. After all, only individually-made, hand-finished items can be bespoke. Silhouette’s iconic rimless glasses can be personalised by you and are always made by a combination of high-tech machinery and careful hand finishing. They are made to the highest and most exacting design specifications: your own.

Using this unique idea, Silhouette has invited key leaders from the worlds of design and creativity, each with a unique signature style, to work with Silhouette’s designers and style experts to create their own TITAN MINIMAL ART. The results are as beautiful as they are eclectic, each person designing eyewear that is as distinctive and individual as they are themselves.

The personalized lens shapes, colours and sizes combine with specially selected temple ends and nose bridge to create unique, bespoke eyewear and this opportunity will be available to all in the future.

For now, discover a new “My Silhouette” story every month on the newsroom, and watch designers, editors and architects create their very own TITAN MINIMAL ART at the Silhouette headquarters in Linz, Austria.
What do you think about the “My Silhouette” project? Would you love to be a designer for a day and create your own TITAN MINIMAL ART?